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Rob Tait's Story

Whether he's serenading from behind the drums or the guitar, Rob Tait's folk-pop style can mend the ache of a broken heart or make you stomp and holler until the sole of your shoe falls off.  Born and raised in the pine barrens of New Jersey, Rob Tait's music combines his Americana/folk/singer-songwriter vocal style with his deep rooted love and education of rhythm and the drums.  

After moving to Philadelphia, Rob performed as a sideman, touring and performing with a variety of acts including and not limited to John Gilbride, Emily Drinker, Brittany Ann Tranbaugh, and more.   When the pandemic hit, Rob took the incredible opportunity to get his music polished up and start playing his music with a band.  Then, in January 2022, Rob collaborated with Matty Muir (Four Way Street, Ben Arnold) at Retro City Studios (Amos Lee, Train, Low Cut Connie) to make his first record "Here and Now".  Rob will be releasing a single every 6 weeks, which will lead to the release of the full record in the fall of 2024.

New Single
Streaming 4/3/24

Here and Now

Here and Now Single Small.png

On the Road

Always full band, unless notated otherwise

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